GLTF multi-animation


I’ve successfully converted a frame animated mesh into a GLTF file. Frames are :
The frames are

idle = 0 to 10

walk = 17 to 41


I’ve tried model.activeAnimations.addAll with

model.readyToRender.addEventListener( function( model) {

var startTime =;


“speedup” : 10,

“loop” : Cesium.ModelAnimationLoop.REPEAT,

“startTime” : startTime,

“stopTime” : Cesium.JulianDate.addSeconds(startTime, 50.0, new Cesium.JulianDate()),


to try to go trough the animations but it’s not working. Any idea?


Hi Dom,

Can you share the original COLLADA and converted glTF models?

Have you tried the example code in the 3D model Sandcastle example?


Hi Patrick,
I used this model found on , I attached both DAE and GLTF files with texture.

I converted from DAE to glTF using the cesium tool :

I supposed the difference with cesium sample is that the default animation is still; and I need to jump to futher frames. The time - frame relation is unclear to me…

best regards

Dom (1.52 MB)

Hi Dom,

I don’t see a library_animations in the original .dae so I don’t think the model includes animations.

As for controlling model animations using the Cesium API, check out model.activeAnimations.add.