Gltf model has multiple animations, how to switch animations in cesium?

I have a gltf model that contains multiple animations,The default animation is not what I want, how do I switch between the specified animation in the code ??

this is model:

image code

Hi there,

Here’s an example from the docs.

// Load a model and play the last animation at half speed
let animations;
try {
 const model = await Cesium.Model.fromGltfAsync({
   url: "../../SampleData/models/CesiumMan/Cesium_Man.glb",
   gltfCallback: gltf => {
     animations = gltf.animations
 model.readyEvent.addEventListener(() => {
     index: animations.length - 1,
     loop: Cesium.ModelAnimationLoop.REPEAT,
     multiplier: 0.5,
} catch (error) {
 console.log(`Failed to load model. ${error}`);