Does Cesium support Blender non-linear animations

Does CesiumJs support Blender’s non-linear animations?

In fact, is there any guidance on optimum Blender GLTF export settings. I would like to animate a 3d model using non-linear animations if I can.


Hi @gormanst,

I think Cesium supports all animation types the gltf-spec provides (4 types: glTF™ 2.0 Specification). At least the “Skinned Character” in this Cesium Sandcastle looks like to have non-linear animations.

I don’t know how blender handles gltf export and if all types are supported there.

Best, Lennart

@lennart.imberg you are 100% correct here! Thank you for your input :rocket:

How can you tell the “Skinned Character” has non-linear animations? I am still extremely new to GLTF and Blender (two months of a udemy course so far) so forgive my ignorance.

I thought non-linear animations had to be triggered by name while linear animations just start and run as a sequence. When looking at the Sandcastle just loads the GLTF, I don’t see it targeting say, “walk”.


Hi @gormanst ,

You can check this example.

Would you please share any sandcastle example or 3d model with Non-linear animation?
It would definitely help us to find out something valuable.

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