Issue with animations


we upgraded our application to 1.35 and we now facing some issues with our animations. In Cesium 1.26

we can identify animation by there names (Attachment: Animation_Cesium-1.26.png). Apparently, in Cesium

1.35 the animations name is changed with an index number (Attachment: Animation_Cesium-1.35.png).

Could somebody please tell me, if i’am doing something wrong ?! Is it a bug ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jerry,

cesium now transforms gltf 1.0 to gltf 2.0 on load. You can find the source code here

And Gltf 2.0 now uses Arrays instead of Objects.

I think you can access the gltf 1.0 names in the objects like this: animations[0].name.

So you can just iterate over the array to find the correct animation.

Best regards,


Hey Jannes,

thanks for your answer.

the problem is, that the code within the attachements i have posted is located in ModelAnimationCollection.prototype.add.

Therefore i cannot simply modify the access to the names without modifing Cesium with every new release :\

best regards


Hi Jerry,

ah ok, i thought i was some custom code you wrote yourself. Maybe its just a bug in cesium?

Do you maybe have a sandcastle code example so someone can check?

Best regards, Jannes

Hey Jerry, this is definitely a bug related to the 1.0 to 2.0 transition. I opened a PR here: Let me know if that fixes it for you.

Hey Sean,

it work perfectly, thank you :slight_smile: