Gltf tile reader, transforms dont match

Similar to this old thread i am trying to read gltf tiles and I cannot get them into WGS84 properly.

Is there an example somewhere or more explanation? I remember having trouble on the writer site before but unfortunately forgot the details. Using my own gltf reader/writer.

So i apply the node transforms in gltf to the mesh and then rotate to y up and it should work? My tile set doesnt specify a matrix.
Is tileset.modelMatrix identity by default?

Actually, i am just looking to get the gltf data into WGS84.
it should already be that just with the wrong axes?

So the steps are

  1. glTF node hierarchy transformations
  2. glTF y -up to z -up transform
  3. Any tile format specific transforms.
  • Batched 3D Model Feature Table may define RTC_CENTER which is used to translate model vertices.
  • Instanced 3D Model Feature Table defines per-instance position, normals, and scales. These are used to create per-instance 4x4 affine transform matrices that are applied to each instance.
  1. Tile transform

assuming no tile transform,

solved in a sandcastle it just stay in gltf axes order