GML (or GeoJSON) to CZML?

I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any projects out there for converting GML or GeoJson to CZML or any advice for beginning to write something? I have a project that needs to interface with a WFS server

We don’t have a GML or GeoJSON converter to CZML yet. However, we will handle GeoJSON directly in Cesium and are working on the infrastructure for that now, which will also be used for KML.

For writing a GML/GeoJSON converter to CZML, the czml-writer project contains .NET and Java libraries for writing CZML files. Some folks have also built a czml writer in Python.

Let us know if you write a converter as we’ll be happy to raise awareness of your work.


I started to write an AIXM support module for Cesium, which is based on
GML, although we currently only handle a very simple case: gml:posList

Thanks guys. I think I'll take a look at the czml-writer project and see what I can do.

I’ve just opened, which adds native support for GeoJSON.

Wow, this is awesome. Thanks so much!