GPX coordinates to overlay route onto cesium map

Hi there! Iā€™m a Unity XR developer but new to the world of geodata :slight_smile:

I would like to prototype a fun idea for Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro, where I load in a GPX file, and then parse it to get all the points of my route to overlay it onto the world terrain. Basically, think of you would like to visualize your bike route, pretty straightforward :biking_man:

Now, my question is A) is there GPX support B) if not, is there a way I can visualize these points seperately somehow? What would be the best way to do so? Is there slmething like world terrain coordinate points?


There only seems to be a mention of GPX with CesiumJS. I would be really happy about some clues!

I tried parsing my GPX file to get the coordinates, assigning the Cesium Globe Anchor to my objects and folling in the coordinates. That filled in the values into the anchor but did not move objects. How would I automatically place the objects on the exact coordinate? It seems when I move the Dynamic Camera the anchor moves with it but the same does not happen for my object when I move their anchor.