gpx to czml

Do we have anything that can convert gpx to czml? I tried converting a kml exported from Google My Tracks, but only the end points were converted. It lost the track.


We have converters from KML, Shapefiles, and WebGL Globe JSON to CZML, but I’m not aware of a converter for gpx unless someone has a work-in-progress. It looks fairly straightforward, and we would welcome the converter if you are up for contributing it.

I’m surprised that the KML conversion lost the track, consider submitting an issue. Generally, we support KML features if Cesium has rendering support.



Google My Tracks exports data out as gx:MultiTrack which we don’t support yet in the kml converter. We planned on adding extensions(ones that make sense at least) as people needed them. We can add this one.

Yea, I definitely saw those tags when I looked through the kml file. I didn't think they were standard KML, which was why I was asking about the gpx format which i know supports the time tagged positions.

Thanks for posting the file. I’ll start working on the translation in the MultiTrack branch this week.


Any recent updates on .Gpx to .CZML conversion? I used an online converter to convert a sample .gpx file ( to .kml first. Then when i use the CZML converter It is unable to process it and gives error - ‘Input string was not in correct format’.