Graphic Card Requirement

I am trying to do some development using Cesium.
I wonder if there is any requirements for the graphic card?

Right now , I am using a windows 10 machine with two graphic card : Intel® HD Graphics 530 and NVIDIA GeForce 205.

And it is really slow and stuck for cesium.

Is there any graphic card that anyone recommend?

I know there is a blacklist and white list of graphic card for WebGL.

I know that, but I am asking for a graphic card the performance of WebGL or Cesium.


Hi there,

Any new graphics card you can buy these days will run Cesium, but the dev team especially recommends NVIDIA cards for their stability and performance. Next would be AMD with Intel a distant 3rd. We’d also recommend consumer gaming cards (like GeForce) over “professional” cards (like Quadro). Cesium is more similar to a modern game engine than it is the CAD programs than Quadro-like cards are optimized for.


  • Rachel