Graphical error during render of the scene.

Hello everybody,

one of the users of my Cesium web application reported a graphical error when he opens the page. What worries me is that this error occurs using a new Samsung A7 tablet device, not an old one.

Does somebody know what this error means? The application is online from quite some time and i did never see it before :

"RuntimeError: Vertex texture fetch support is required to render primitives with per -instance attributes. The maximum number of vertex texture image units must be greater than zero."

Using Cesium 1.41 version.

He reports to be able to see fine the page from his phone but not from his new tablet.

Some help? Thank you!

I think that device must not support texture look up in vertex shaders. If you can run WebGL report on it:

Take a look at the “Max vertex texture image units”. In the image below it’s 16.

vertex shader.png

What kind of data are you loading in your application? Does this Sandcastle work for them?

CesiumJS uses vertex texture look up for a lot of things, one of them is for loading 3D Tiles b3dm’s. If you can get more info we can open a bug report to create a fallback on devices that don’t support vertex shader texture look up.