Upgraded to 1.63.1; Vertex texture support is required...

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I upgraded from Cesium 1.59.0 to Cesium 1.63.0. All was working fine prior to the upgrade with 1.59.0. However, now after the upgrade when I try to add a primitive to I receive the below RuntimeError…

Vertex texture fetch support is required to render primitives with per-instance attributes. The maximum number of vertex texture image units must be greater than zero.

I suspect this issue is caused by us perhaps explicitly importing the ES6 modules? Not really sure. In the file the error is occurring in our imports look like…

const {

Billboard: CesiumBillboard,

BillboardCollection: CesiumBillboardCollection,

BoundingSphere: CesiumBoundingSphere,

Cartesian2: CesiumCartesian2,

Cartesian3: CesiumCartesian3,

Cartographic: CesiumCartographic,

CircleGeometry: CesiumCircleGeometry,

CircleOutlineGeometry: CesiumCircleOutlineGeometry,

Color: CesiumColor,

ColorGeometryInstanceAttributes: CesiumColorGeometryInstanceAttribute,

defined: CesiumDefined,

destroyObject: CesiumDestroyObject,

DeveloperError: CesiumDeveloperError,

Ellipsoid: CesiumEllispoid,

EllipsoidGeometry: CesiumEllipsoidGeometry,

EllipsoidOutlineGeometry: CesiumEllipsoidOutlineGeometry,

EllipsoidGeodesic: CesiumEllipsoidGeodesic,

EllipsoidSurfaceAppearance: CesiumEllipsoidSurfaceAppearance,

FeatureDetection: CesiumFeatureDetection,

GeometryInstance: CesiumGeometryInstance,

HorizontalOrigin: CesiumHorizontalOrigin,

LabelCollection: CesiumLabelCollection,

Math: CesiumMath,

Material: CesiumMaterial,

PerInstanceColorAppearance: CesiumPerInstanceColorAppearance,

PolygonGeometry: CesiumPolygonGeometry,

PolygonOutlineGeometry: CesiumPolygonOutlineGeometry,

PolylineMaterialAppearance: CesiumPolylineMaterialAppearance,

PolylineGeometry: CesiumPolylineGeometry,

Primitive: CesiumPrimitive,

Rectangle: CesiumRectangle,

RectangleGeometry: CesiumRectangleGeometry,

RectangleOutlineGeometry: CesiumRectangleOutlineGeometry,

ScreenSpaceEventHandler: CesiumScreenSpaceEventHandler,

ScreenSpaceEventType: CesiumScreenSpaceEventType,

VerticalOrigin: CesiumVerticalOrigin

} = require(‘cesium’);

How can I enable Vertex texture fetch support? Any help would be great!

Some additional information… It looks like this error is actually being thrown when I try calling the “update” function on a primitive… i.e…

primitive.update(context, null, null);


Looking at the docs (https://cesium.com/docs/cesiumjs-ref-doc/Primitive.html) it states…

Do not call this function directly. This is documented just to
list the exceptions that may be propagated when the scene is rendered

Would there be an alternative option to calling the “update” function on a primitive?