grid terrain provider?

Hey Folks.

I want to draw a regular square lattice grid or a hexagonal grid over a map. Are there any terrain providers or built in functions to produce this type of functionality?

Hi Krishna,

The GridImageryProvider might be what you’re looking for:

You can try it out in the Imagery Layers Manipulation Sandcastle example. Open the “Manipulate Layers” panel and check the box next to Grid.


Great. That helps a lot. I appreciate the email.

Hi Kevin,

I'm also interested in exactly the same issue that Krishna was trying to do.
I have checked the GridImageryProvider document and found out that it only supports rectangular grids.
Does Cesium support any hexagonal grids by default, or do you have to customize it by yourself?


2013年10月24日木曜日 22時57分56秒 UTC+9 Kevin Ring:

Hi Josh,

I don’t think Cesium supports hexagon grids currently – much of our infrastructure rests on a rectangular tiling scheme. What are you trying to do with hexagonal grids? Maybe we can find a workaround.


  • Rachel