GSoC 2015: Demo on Weather Forecast


   I am Dhrumil Patel studying in field of Computer Science and I have tried to develop a demo detailing Weather Changes and Forecast of approx all the cities.
It can give a forecast for next five days and all the Details like temp, pressure, humidity etc. I have used D3.js for graphs , Angular.js, Jquery plugins and third party APIs for getting weather information. DEMO link:

I want a review on the above demo and want to ask whether it is sufficient for my application or I need to make another.

For Summer Projects I am inclined to work on Demo packages consisting of D3.js, raphael JS and some physics engines. I will detail this up in my proposal.

Hope you like my demo :slight_smile:

Hi Dhrumil,

Thanks for the interest. Your demo is a good start. To strengthen your application, perhaps you could take this demo further instead of writing another one. Adding news feeds, raster weather maps, or other local data could be interesting.

Good luck with your application.


check this:

Important changes for Yahoo provider: In January 2016, Yahoo discontinued the service that allows you to use latitude and longitude to locate your weather location. To continue to use the Yahoo weather provider, you must upgrade the weather binding to 1.8.1 or later and supply a woeid (Where On Earth ID) for your location, as shown in the example below. You can find your woeid by copying the numeric digits at the end of the URL for your location at