New to Cesium, advice appreciated!

Hi everyone!

I am new to Cesium and was hoping someone could spare a minute to help me with a project I am about to start. I am hoping to create a web based 3D map of live London air pollution using a live model from a research group at my university for the data.

The model with the data is this (, with tiled data points across the city.

I am hoping to produce a map with a similar aesthetic to this (London maps | 3D | LAEI NO2), but using the live data from the above source.

I would be very appreciative if anyone could give me some starting pointers. In particular what cesium tools to use for this type of data/desired output. Also any other important things to consider, any obvious issues that may arise, etc.

I understand that this is a very vague request but would be thankful for any input and happy to answer any further questions.

Thank you,

Hi Matt,

Welcome to the community! Thank you for sharing some information on your project - this sounds like an amazing use case for CesiumJS. I recommend checking out the following thead for more information on getting started with CesiumJS:

Looking forward to learning more!

All the best,