GSoC 2015: Re-factoring Sandcastle

I am Sagar Gaur. I am a second year undergrad student studying Computer Science.

As you people have suggested to work with cesium and cook up some demos I have come up with this (very crude) application

The code can be found at

My rationale to make this app is to allow people to quickly come up with good looking graphs without much effort. I know it doesn’t quite look the way yet, but I am still building it.

I have been reading about the GSoC projects and I would like to take up ‘Re-factoring Sandcastle’. To have more information about the project please I would love to know more from the mentor.Thanks

I would familiarize yourself as much as possible with the Sandcastle application in it’s current form. The Sandcastle project is definitely heavy on user interface design, so I would highly recommend you make your sample application as user friendly as possible and make it work well on both desktop and mobile. Since Sandcastle is a single page application, I would also switch your demo app over to be the same. On your application, provide as much detail as possible on exactly how you would like to refactor Sandcastle, what the new UI would look like and how it will behave on each platform (providing a mock-up would be great as well).