Cesium Demos Pack; Refactor Cesium Sandcastle

Hi I’m Ivan Nikolcev, I’m a student in 3rd year at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Skopje, Macedonia. I have intermediate knowledge in CSS, HTML, Jquery and AngularJS. I really like the field you are working in. I’ve been trough all of your tutorials and I’m interested in Cesium Demos Pack and Refactor Cesium Sandcastle, mainly in Cesium Demos Pack. I just want to ask what are the expectations of the demo i have to write for the Google Summer of Code application?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Ivan,

The Demos Pack is pretty open-ended. It should be based on your experience and interests. The goal is to showcase Cesium and use it for developer outreach.

If you are interested in doing a proposal for this project, go through the tutorials and write a small demo to strengthen your application.