GSoC: Refactor Cesium Sandcastle


Just wanted to post an update on the project-

After discussion with the community, I’ve moved to Knockout. You can see the Knockout version on this branch. Apart from that, I’ve also written a few CZML demos based on the existing geometry demos. We’ve also moved to the adjustable width editor as present in the existing Sandcastle version. We’ve also decided that while the separate files for HTML/CSS/JS for each demo has its benefits, the main problem is that it does not provide a runnable demo while browsing from the file system. We can keep the three separate files while also maintaining a runnable demo or just move back to the runnable demo method. I’d appreciate some inputs on this.

Apart from that, I’m adding a separate CZML tab so that it would be easier for users to write CZML code within Sandcastle. There would be an option to add multiple CZML files as well, and they would be saved in their own separate files.



Thanks for the update, Aditya.

Do you have a live demo?

We can keep the three separate files while also maintaining a runnable demo…

Sounds like too much bookkeeping.


I think the simplicity of a single HTML file (even if it requires special marker comments like we currently use) outweigh any benefits you get from managing them as multiple files.

Looks like you are making good progress. The fact that the gallery is always on a separate screen is a little funky. For screens large enough to support it, having a gallery along the bottom would be really useful. (especially for the release testing we do which requires running all demos)