GTLF geographic coordinate problem

I wanted to render gltf file which would contain more than one building in specefic area ,however i faced a position and orientation problem , because as stated in Cesium documentation i should state each time a position manually at cesium side for each building or gltf model . could we save the position for each building inside the gltf file instead of stating it manually?

I have read an approach done with cesium RTC json file, where it specify a center point for each gltf file , could this solve the problem?

however , i tried to render the sample inside the Cesium package which called : Box-RTC ,but it did not render for em wehn i tried to render it as normal gltf model .i would really appreciate any help regarding this issue .


You can store the position and orientation in the glTF file by editing the matrix of the root node. This should be easier than setting the RTC position. Let me know how this goes.