I am trying to convert from collada to gltf using the tool COLLADA2GLTF.
However, I need to preserve the latitude and longitude information in the converted file (I think I should use CESIUM_RTC tag of Cesium. However, I schemed the code and I saw that the latitude and longitude are not preserved).
I would like to know what the problem is. Thank you very much for your reply.


COLLADA2GLTF doesn’t write out CESIUM_RTC, you will need to calculate that yourself with Cartesian4.fromRadians(longitude, latitude, height) and then add to the glTF model.

Hello Sean,
thank you for this information. I tried to do what you suggested but the problem is that I cannot figure out where to place the converted information exactly in the gltf. Can you give me a hint please? thank you.

This page should help if you haven’t already seen it:

A code example is here: