Has anyone tried intergrating AR with Ceisum

I found this in google group

  • Display the webcam video (=background) in an HTML5-video element

  • Set the video as a texture for a 3D plane (as in the sandcastle video demo)

  • attach the plane to the viewers (virtual) camera, at a distance of ~500m scaled to fill the whole viewport

  • set terrain invisible (i.e. by setting a transparent texture).
    And adding device orientation to control the camera. If anyone could help me with this it would be helpful.

Omar sent me this tweet:https://twitter.com/Liam2404/status/1100082605477822464?s=20. I tried contacting this guy but he never responded. I did some digging and found out that he used WebXr for displaying it AR. as of now, WebXr is only available to iOS. AR only supports 3d models like gltf,obj,fbx. So is there any way to integrate cesium with AR

I need one more help I need to add WMS source from the user in real time and select the available layers like the screenshot

is this possible in Cesium? if so point me with some examples/code.