Heading change on Camera.moveLeft


I programmed a small panel for Camera-Movement with 4 Buttons (Touch) -

Touch on the left-button calls camera.moveRight. After clicked several times the heading and roll angle is changed

                       heading,        pitch       roll

Camera Angles: 0.004691328894398161 -1.5641529389354343 0
Camera Angles: 0.009381986283315769 -1.557509916464924 0
Camera Angles: 0.014071457069327664 -1.5508674037397059 0
Camera Angles: 0.018759226727871336 -1.5442255451138376 0
Camera Angles: 0.02344478153626106 -1.5375844849596536 0
Camera Angles: 0.02812760880184051 -1.530944367688214 0
Camera Angles: 1.6036035238839403 -1.5243053377696296 4.712388980384674

In addition my panel shows a north arrow i have programmed depending on the heading. With the above configuration it seems that the view on the world hasn’t changed in north direction, but the heading showing to the left !

In which way cann I fixe the change of the roll and heading !!!