Heads up: imagery_layers branch changes

Just a heads up for everyone using the “imagery_layers” branch…

A few hours ago, Scott and I branched the “imagery_layers” branch to “terrain”. Then, we removed the terrain support from imagery_layers. The plan is to use the imagery_layers branch to stabilize the architectural changes we’ve made in support of terrain and imagery layers and get those changes into main as soon as possible. The terrain providers themselves need more polish, so they will come into main in a separate pull request later from the terrain branch.

TL;DR- if you were using the imagery_layers branch before, you probably want to use the terrain branch now.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks for that information Kevin. What main html file are you guys using now to test out your work since the Skeleton is gone?

Hey Jonah,

All (most?) of the Sandcastle examples should work. In the terrain branch, there’s a “Terrain” Sandcastle example that actually has terrain, as opposed to the others that just use the EllipsoidTerrainProvider.


Oh thanks Kevin, I see it now. I didn’t realize that the Gallery examples list could scroll to the right.