Height Above Ellipsoid

Is there a method in Cesium native to pass in a Lat/Long and retrieve the height above ellipsoid?

I’m seeing conversions from one projects to another but I’m hoping to just supply the lat/long and retrieve the height back. Thanks!

Popular question. We are struggling to get HAE from our data where I work. We have altitude in radar and baro. We have an H value from internal calculations on a different plane.
We may have generated an HAE but its noise telemetry data so it still makes us sink below ground at low altitude. Also haven’t tested it extensively to see if its just noise or if the H calculation is still wrong.

All that to say, I don’t have an answer but you aren’t alone in wishing for such a thing.

I feel like we should have everything we need since the tiles themselves seem to position their Y based on the height.

I know sampleTerrainMostDetailed in cesiumjs does this with a terrainprovider. I just haven’t dug in on exactly how that worked as I hoped someone may help me cut some corners here.

Unfortunately, not yet.

We have an existing issue for this,

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