Hi, In Cesium where is the code for finding the required tiles to render in scene?

Hi anyone please tell where is the code which determines what tiles are required to render in the scene.

Thank You


If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out our 3D Tiles overview. The overview summarized the main concepts that are supported by the 3D Tiles spec. Chapters 3-6 will be particularly useful.


In the meantime, what is your intended use case?


Hi iam trying to render high resolution terrain inside a primitive volume. No matter camera height i need a way to always render high resolution terrain inside the volume. please suggest some ideas

Try setting tileset.maximumScreenspaceError = 0. Then it loads everything at highest resolution.

The code for tile selection is around here:



Thank you for your suggestion. @ajinRa020307 definitely give this a try!


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Thank you guys , it works

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I am glad to hear that! Let me know if any other questions come up.