Hiding Cesium 3D Tileset with out reloading it?


I am developing a master plan application where we are using Cesium’s 3D Tileset and ArcGIS in conjunction.

While the at the higher level we are using Cesium to show the site in 3D - however we need the ability to turn this off so that we can see our ArcGIS map and feature layers underneath.

Currently we have this so it toggles off the Cesium tile set. The issue we are facing is the load time of Cesium when we want to toggle that back on.

Is there any methods you can suggest that can hide the tiles and show them again with out having to stream it all back in.

Hope that makes sense.



Hi @Kai_Fraser,

You’ll have to iterate over all of the Cesium3DTileset’s children to get their MeshRenderer components, then disable them by setting enabled = false. Then, to prevent other tiles from appearing as they stream on the tileset, you can set suspendUpdate = true on the tileset.

Let us know if this works for you!

Awesome, thank you! I will be looking at implementing this next week so I will let you know how I get on.

Just out of interest, can we define which tile is loaded first then generate the rest of the tiles from that point? I was asked about it today but was unsure on the answer?