3D tile set not loading during runtime

Hi, I originally managed to make the tile set work during my initial set up. However I think I updated unity to a newer version and for some reason the tile set only works in the editor and doesn’t load at all during runtime. I’ve already updated the caesium package but this hasn’t worked either. Loading from google or ion servers seems to change anything.



This is for a university project, if someone could help me ASAP that would much appreciated. Thanks.

Note that any work arounds such as preserving a tile set that is already in the editor even if its only one area would also work for me.

It’s hard to say what’s going wrong there, but my first guess is that the location of your aircraft is changing between Editor and Runtime. So the terrain is still displayed, but somewhere else. If you have a game object with a CesiumOriginShift component attached to it, try removing it.