Hiring; Spatial Engineer/Consultant; Meta Live Inc.

Organization Name: Meta Live Inc.

Job Title: Spatial Engineer/ Consultant

Job Type: Contract

Location: CAN, USA, UK, ASIA, AUS

Mode of Work: Remote

Job Description Summary:
Meta Live Inc. is a Canadian company and is a disruptive, next-gen “Entertainment & Media Company” and “Technology Provider” Meta Live Inc. is a start-up working on Global Adaption Strategy For Web3 in entertainment.

We are currently seeking a senior engineer for ongoing consulting services regarding our patent, and process implementation.

Job Description Link:
Consulting Contract

PH.D in Spatial Information Science and Engineering Required
Graduate Studies in Spatial Informatics, Spatial Information Science and Engineering, and Geographical Information Systems

Application Page:
Linkedin Profile/ CEO/ Meta Live Inc.
Please contact me by Linkedin for an application.

Contact Name
Allison Viola, CEO, Meta Live Inc.

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