Cesium Metaverse Research Scientist Intern - Philadelphia, PA

Organization Name: Cesium

Job Title: Metaverse Research Scientist Intern

Job Type: Internship

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Mode of Work: In-person

Job Description Summary: These are exciting times for developing the concept of the metaverse into deployable systems. Numerous problems need to be addressed covering interoperability, standards, asset management, model transfer across applications, architectural trade-offs between cloud, edge, and end-user platforms, and what activities will capture the interest of participants and economic value for technology providers. Cesium is already a major player in this arena with its 3D geospatial tiles and open interoperability standards.

Our research team, led by 2021 SIGGRAPH Academy inductee Dr. Norm Badler, has identified a new area that capitalizes upon the 3D Tiles spatial data structure to prescribe animatable 3D content for metaverse entities such as digital twins. The goal is to manage (animate and render) tens of thousands of discrete entities in real-time. At its core is an action representation that lies atop the usual low level graphics transformation structure. Ideally the action representation will possess rich semantic (prescriptive) power, scalability to metaverse-sized environments, and integration with appropriate software such as Unreal Engine.

Cesium is seeking applications for a research internship position beginning January 2023 or summer 2023 to work toward this goal.

What you’ll do:

  • Collaborate with industry-leading partners.
  • Gain a working understanding of Behavior Trees, Unreal Engine, NVIDIA Project Anywhere, Omniverse specifications, and action representations.
  • Research, design, specify, develop, program, integrate, and demonstrate a viable real time action representation processing environment.
  • Measure and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of this representation to achieve massive entity animation scalability.

What we’re looking for:

  • Excellent Unreal Engine, Blueprint, and C++ development skills with a focus on modular architecture, Behavior Trees, API design, and performance.
  • Experience in 3D graphics, animation, modeling, and machine learning are desirable.
  • Experience with graphics techniques is preferred: such as spatial data structures, shaders, level of detail, rigging, and animation methods and tools.
  • Experience with any flavor of parallel programming is a bonus: multicore, SIMD, GPU, etc.
  • Knowledge of basic AI notions of object, action, and movement representation and semantics.
  • MS or PhD candidate in Computer Science preferred. Top BS students considered.

Cesium offers

  • Competitive base salary and bonus
  • Learning opportunities including workshops and Kindle or Audible credits
  • Frequent team social events
  • Center city office, just steps from public transit
  • Free lunch, snacks, and drinks at the office

Cesium was awarded

  • 2020 Technology Startup Enterprise Award by the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT)
  • 2020 Startup of the Year in the Geospatial World Awards by Geospatial Media and Communications
  • One of Philadelphia’s Best Places to Work in Tech 2020 by Tech in Motion

This position is located in our Philadelphia, PA office.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and invite candidates from all different backgrounds to bring their unique perspective to Cesium.

Job Description Link: Job Application for Metaverse Research Scientist Intern at Cesium