How add panoramic scenes(generated by pano2vr) to Cesium App?

1. A concise explanation of the problem you're experiencing.
When I add panoramic scenes to my Cesium app,the following error occured.
An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped. Cesium.js:537
TypeError: Right-hand side of 'instanceof' is not an object
TypeError: Right-hand side of 'instanceof' is not an object
    at Array.<anonymous> (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:478:30868)
    at F.update (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:479:3896)
    at E.update (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:520:8802)
    at f.update (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:524:11149)
    at rt (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:530:27321)
    at ht (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:531:1310)
    at pt (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:531:1507)
    at xe.render (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:531:9355)
    at A.render (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:537:18269)
    at t (http://localhost:63342/WebApp/ThirdParty/Cesium/Cesium.js:537:11719)

2. A minimal code example. If you've found a bug, this helps us reproduce and repair it.
    var clickHandler = new Cesium.ScreenSpaceEventHandler(scene.canvas);
    clickHandler.setInputAction(function (movement) {
        var pickedObject = scene.pick(movement.position);
        if (Cesium.defined(pickedObject)) {
            var type =, 3);
            var number =, 4);
            if (type == 'panoramicPoint') {
                $('#panoramaMode-div').animate({height: 'toggle'});
                // *1 create the panorama player with the div container
                var pano=new pano2vrPlayer("panoramaMode-div");
                // *2 add the skin object
                var skin=new pano2vrSkin(pano);
                // *3 load the configuration
    }, Cesium.ScreenSpaceEventType.LEFT_CLICK);
The code's function is show the panoramic scene when I click entitis that named after 'panoramicPoint'.
The *1,*2 and *3 is the code that using to show panoramic scene in div.
When the program runs to *3 row, the error occurs.

   <script type="text/javascript" src="Source/pano/pano2vr_player.js"></script>
   <script type="text/javascript" src="Source/pano/skin.js"></script>
The code writed in Index.html to support showing panoramic scenes.

3. Context. Why do you need to do this? We might know a better way to accomplish your goal.
I want to achieve that pop up a div when I click an entity,and show panoramic scenes in the div. But when I add codes that load panoramic scenes,the error occurs.I have no ideas about the error.Is there a conflict between the CesiumJs and pano2vr_player.js?

4. The Cesium version you're using, your operating system and browser.
Cesium version:1.47

Hi jingru,

The two libraries shouldn’t be incompatible, especially if you are using them on different HTML elements.

You may want to make sure the picked object is an entity:

if (Cesium.defined(pickedObject) && ( === entity))


and use the property system instead of the private _name member:;


If that’s not the solution, is it possible to use the unminified build of Cesium? It will give a more description error stack.



Hi Gabby,
Thanks for your reply.
The problems you pointed do need to pay attention, thanks for your suggestions.In that determine statements:
if (Cesium.defined(pickedObject) && ( === entity))
The entity is an instance of Entity, the id of the entity is unique, but I want to make sure picked object is an entity, the code seems to be not suitable.How could I modify the code?
But the error is not caused by those problem.If I didn't write the *1,*2 and *3 codes, the program wouldn't occur the error.
Actually I have solved the problem, but this solution may lead to new problems.
The sentence 'o instanceof HTMLVideoElement' in line 478 of Cesium.js made the 'Right-hand side of 'instanceof' is not an object ' error occur. I set breakpoints and I found that the HTMLVideoElement changed from 'ƒ HTMLVideoElement() { [native code] }' to 'null' after the line*3 ran. Then I searched 'HTMLVideoElement' in pano2vr_player.js, and I found '... ,a:HTMLVideoElement=null, ...'.I delete the 'a:HTMLVideoElement=null,' and the error no longer occurs.But I didn't know the function of that sentence, it maybe lead new error in the future.
Thanks again for your reply.