How can i create a moon?

Is it possible to create a moon? Its sphere is a lunar sphere, i.e. a non-wgs84 sphere, so as to load the moon’s terrain data onto it.

Here is a moon and other celestial bodies in Cesium

Thank you for your answer, but I would like to ask again, I now have some terrain data for the moon, how do I load this terrain data to the website you mentioned, is there any source code available for this website at the moment?

Thank you for your answer,Now I have some terrain data about the moon that I would like to visualize and analyze, can this terrain data be added to the website you mentioned? If so, how do I do it? Is this site open source? Looking forward to your reply!

No it is not open source but for sale, though i believe tecnically it is possible to add moon data on top of existing one there. There should be cost to that as well.