How can I make muliple tile maps in potree?

Hello, I want to put a tile map called ‘daum map’ in the potree, but this map is multi-form, so I don’t know how to put it in. How should I put it in? The codes I want you to see are as follows :

window.cesiumViewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, {
useDefaultRenderLoop: false,
animation: false,
baseLayerPicker : false,
fullscreenButton: false,
geocoder: false,
homeButton: false,
infoBox: false,
sceneModePicker: false,
selectionIndicator: false,
timeline: false,
navigationHelpButton: false,
imageryProvider : new Cesium.UrlTemplateImageryProvider({url : ‘{z}/{x}/{y}.png’}),
//imageryProvider: new Cesium.UrlTemplateImageryProvider({url : ‘{z}/{x}/{y}.png’}),
//imageryProvider : Cesium.createOpenStreetMapImageryProvider({url : ‘’}),
terrainShadows: Cesium.ShadowMode.DISABLED,

and the url of the tile map I’m going to put in is as follows:

url: [${z}/${y}/${x}.png”,${z}/${y}/${x}.png”,${z}/${y}/${x}.png”,${z}/${y}/${x}.png

Please tell me how to solve this problem.