How can i set some object highlight with any color?

I want to change color for specific object on runtime , is there sample code for reference? thanks!
I noticed that the lastest version has “Added support for styling with property textures in EXT_structural_metadata”, can it be used for this?

Hi @ycn2022,

Can you be more specific about your use case? It’s unclear what you want to do from “change color for specific object on runtime.”

For the feature you’re referencing, you need a tileset that contains the EXT_mesh_features and EXT_structural_metadata extensions. If so, then you can follow this tutorial to learn how to use the extensions for visually styling the tileset. Although property textures are not used in that tutorial, you can use similar workflows for styling.

However, if your dataset doesn’t have the aforementioned extensions, then this feature doesn’t apply.

For example, I loaded a 3D tiles model using ACesium3DFileset, and the model itself has colors. I want to set the color of one of the objects to green, and maybe quickly change the color to yellow or other color, while keeping the color of the other objects from the 3D tiles. That is to say, I only want to
quickly modify the color of some of the objects, while keeping the original colors of the other objects.