How do I get my changes reviewed? Help with pull request : )

I have written a reverse geocoder module for the Custom Geocoder demo in Sandcastle, and another reverse geocoder for the default Bing Maps service.

I have submitted pull request #5976 (also sent a CLA, and wrote my name in, my branch is “reversegeocode”.

My build passed the Travis CI checks.

How do I get reviews for my code? What do I need to do next?

I read the GitHub pull request workflow, but it did not explain what “closing the pull request” does, and how code reviews work, and whether I should merge into master…

I think my change is “fine grained” but I don’t really know.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, as to what to do next : )

Thank you!


Hi Marhab,

Thanks for submitting! You’ve got both the PR and the CLA, so you did all you need to. It was a busy week for our team this week, but we’ve seen the PR and someone should give you code review shortly!