How do you clip a primitive like a cylinder (or cone), can you do this via primative intersections

Using the Sandcastle App in my browser

I past the script (at the bottom) and hit "run"

The result is a cone and a plane (actually a 'thin' cube) and a cylinder

What I want to do is remove 1/2 of the "red cone" behind the "blue plane" and put a hole or remove the intersection in the red cone where the "green cylinder" is. Once I do this I do not want to display the "blue plane" or the "green cylinder" - I only want to see the half cone with a hole.

How can I do this in Cesium, if so can I do it via intersections of primative, or do I have to give up using a cylinder in order to do this and work at a much lower level ?


Cesium doesn’t have support for this type of functionality. I would recommend making a 3D model in some other software where you can export it to COLLADA then use our COLLADA to glTF converter to make a glTF model for including into Cesium.