How do you reduce the number of dedicated workers when using Cesium to draw multiple polygons?

I was creating a general function, so that it draw multiple routes when i run through the list of routes. However, as I draw more routes, Cesium starts to slow down, and eventually crashes. On using the browser task manager in Chrome, I noticed that there are a lot of dedicated workers created. The memory utilisation reaches as high as 500mb, and does not reduce over time.

Is there a way to reduce the dedicated workers, and also use garbage collector to remove them and reduce the memory space?

Thank you.

Hi @G_S, can you share a Sandcastle link demonstrating the problem?

I can’t think of why the number of workers would be a problem by itself, unless you are getting more than 100 of them. However, there are a few other known issues with Polygons that could be causing slowdowns and crashes. For example: