draw a large number of polygons with high Performance?

Hi All,

I have created 100000 polygons on 3D globe with cesium. But i found it very very disfluency。
the chrome often has no response。

Can you give some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Any one has done the same thing ?

在 2015年4月19日星期日 UTC+8上午10:35:17,郑华伟写道:

Cesium is a high-traffic list with lots of members, as a courtesy to others, please don’t bump posts so soon after creating them. We try to answer every question, but due to the high volume (and the community nature of open source projects) this can take a few days. If 3-4 days go by and your question hasn’t been answered, an occasional bump is okay but please don’t make a habit of it.

As for your question. Brute force loading 100,000 polygons at once is not going to work in Cesium (at least in its current form). The nature of 3D globes means that all of the polygons need to be triangulated, which is a CPU intensive task. While Cesium can use web workers to parallelize this (and prevent the app form freezing), it will still take a long time and you will most likely run into memory issues with current browsers. You basically end up hitting a wall in terms of what JavaScript and browsers and do.

The correct way to do this is to stream the geometry, but there’s no officially supported way to do this in Cesium yet (though it’s high on the priority list). Even then, you’ll want to avoid triangulation, which means precomputng the polygon vertices. Handling vector tiles like this is high on our priority list.

Thank you for your answersIf i transform my polygons to Triangles,whether i can reduce the compution of triangulation。 Because all the points in each polygon are in the same plane。So it is every easy to transform them into triangles。 If it can help me improve the performance, What should I do?

在 2015年4月20日星期一 UTC+8上午11:09:51,Matthew Amato写道: