how to increase the performance of clustered GroundPrimitive polygon when we zoom in and zoom out to them?

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I am having 100 polygons. You can see it in the attached image. They are all very near to each other. After placing them the performance is getting very slow when we go near to them.

How to fix this issue?. otherwise Is there any other way to load multiple polygons without performance issues?

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for (let i= 0; i< 100; i++) {

var Strips = new Cesium.GeometryInstance({

geometry: new Cesium.PolygonGeometry({

polygonHierarchy: new Cesium.PolygonHierarchy(




attributes: {

color: Cesium.ColorGeometryInstanceAttribute.fromColor(Cesium.Color.fromRandom()),



            viewer.scene.primitives.add(new Cesium.GroundPrimitive({

geometryInstances: Strips,



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4. The Cesium version you’re using, your operating system and browser.

Changing it to create one primitive for all the instances instead of one primitive per instance should help, like this tutorial suggests:

Otherwise if your polygons represent some kind of 3 dimensional data, you could convert them to something like glTF models or KML/COLLADA and convert them to 3D Tiles with Cesium ion, which should let you visualize massive amounts of data efficiently. You can see all the currently supported formats on Cesium ion here:

Thank you so much, Mr. Omar.