How do you remove or click on a point primitive object?

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I had to switch to point primitives because too many entities on the screen was crashing the globe. Since I am using point primitives i lose the ability to click and call remove methods on them like I can on entities. Is there a way to write click events and remove methods for point primitives?

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point primitives work great for having many objects on the screen but I need some added functionality to manipulate them.

You should be able to get the primitive(s) under the mouse by calling Scene.pick on a mouse click event:

Will that give the same effect as the green box and info box in the top corner?

No, this would be a lower level interface just to get what was clicked. You could build a similar interface in your app yourself, since the selection indicator view model is not exposed to the public API:

Ok cool am is there a guide to doing this or do I just have to figure out how the source code works?

The SelectionIndicator and its view model actually are public API: