How does cesium zoom to the bounding box?

const minx="123.37677058060989" 
const miny="41.62629210513693"
const maxx="123.664502793"
const maxy="41.88914398693785"

I loaded a webmapserviceimageryprovider and got the bounding box of this layer. How should I zoom to this bounding box

Make a Rectangle and use it with Camera#setView() or Camera#flyTo().

let Rectangle = Cesium.Rectangle.fromDegrees(123.37677058060989,41.62629210513693,123.664502793,41.88914398693785)

I use this method to locate the bounding box, but it does not completely locate my layer. As shown in the picture, some elements overflow the screen. How can I locate my layer more accurately

I didn’t try this very deeply.

I think you should make sure your data is right first, then try to increase the range.

You could also set a certain view with position, up and direction property of camera.