zoom level and bounding box concept

  1. How to decrease size of globe more although its min zoom level is 0
    2)While scene transition from 3D to 2D, the entire globe is converted into 2d map. But I want to apply bounding box value on 2d map so that only india country will view in the map panel only.


Can you clarify what you mean in #1? Decrease its size in what sense?

Regarding #2, do you need to completely hide all parts of the map outside of your bounding box? Or do you just need to set the camera to look at the bounding box, but still show other parts of the world if the user moves the camera?


Sorry for being late in response.

Thanks for reply.

#1) The first case:

In first snap shot- image1: min zoom level is zero, But my requirement is in image2, Kindly see the attached images

In first case I can decrease size of globe according to image2 through mouse after loading map but that size (image2) should come when map is loaded first time i.e. it should be default size.

Hello sir,

I am waiting for your reply. I am continuously trying to do so but if you help me then it will be easy for me to implement.



To look at the bounding box:

var west = Cesium.Math.toRadians(-77.0);

var south = Cesium.Math.toRadians(38.0);

var east = Cesium.Math.toRadians(-72.0);

var north = Cesium.Math.toRadians(42.0);

var extent = new Cesium.Extent(west, south, east, north);

scene.getCamera().controller.viewExtent(extent, ellipsoid);

See: http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/index.html?src=Camera.html