How does ctb-info find the "child tiles"?

When I generate a tileset using ctb-tile, for example:

./ctb-tile zug1.tif -o ../cesium/terrain/zug/

...and then I ask ctb-info about one of the tiles, it tells me something like this:

./ctb-info ../cesium/terrain/zug/0/1/0.terrain
Child tiles: NW
Tile type: all land

I am surprised by the (correct) list of child tiles. I found no mention of this in the quantized-mesh documentation [1] and there seems to be no side information (for example, it does _not_ look up the child files in the filesystem).

How is it possible that ctb-info can list the child tiles? Is it just an estimate? Are there some undocumented bits in the quantized-mesh format?

Adam Dominec

Aha, now I see. The output format is heightmap [2], which supports child node listing like this. It all starts to make sense.


Dne pondělí 19. června 2017 20:08:02 UTC+2 napsal(a):