How ion process Feature id

hello,i have a gltf file have many models,every model have a feature id,after process by ion,i get many b3dm,in b3dm have many models,i want to know is a modle have a unique feature id or have several feature ids?

It is hard to answer your question without the data in question. You could create a sandcastle similar to the feature picking sandcastle to inspect your asset and determine if the ids are populated in the 3D tileset.

Can you provide an example of what you are trying to do with the ids in the 3D Tileset? That would help provide some context and might allow us to recommend a solution.

i have a scene with many gltfmodles,for more fps ,i want to use ion to imporve fps,to identify the origin model attribute,i add a id to every model,i want to konw after ion process,the ion will batch different ids(like material batch).