How to keep information from input file in output b3dm


we are uploading some GLTFs to cesium ion and downloading 3d tiles.
in input GLTF, we have mesh ID which we want to make available in output B3DM.
please let us know how we can achieve this.
we are using our own code to parse 3d tiles (B3DMs) and render.

Cesium ion doesn’t currently support keeping the metadata from the source glTF model.

Can you show an example of how you’re defining your IDs? Are these IDs linked to other properties in your application that you are trying to query? We could consider adding support for outputting these IDs so they can be queried in the same way this example does it for buildings:

Thanks Omar,
these IDs are element ID which will help us in picking the object under mouse and querying other properties of selected object based on this element ID.
the sandcastle example is what we want to achieve in our renderer i.e. when user click on any object, it should be highlighted and some more properties of this object can be displayed (which we can query based on this element ID)

Hello Omar,

how to get tileset and all b3dm files of sandcastle example?

Cesium ion doesn’t currently support doing this with glTF models as input. The 3D Tileset in that Sandcastle was created from a CityGML source. See