Tileset generation from several .glTF files

I saw the sandcastle demo for the 3D BIM model. How can I generate a tileset from several .glTF files, each one representing an object of the model?

If you have multiple models that all share a common origin, you can upload them to Cesium ion all at once (for example as zip file or drag/dropping a whole folder) and the ion tiler will merge them together and produce a single 3D Tiles tileset.

If the files have different origins, then options are more limited because at this time. But I would need to hear a little more about your data to give a recommendation.

Hi Matt,

I want to highlight single elements as I have seen in the 3D BIM model demo. As far as I know, the tiler gets rid of the extras field in the glTF files associated to each glTF entity, so I can’t access to the metadata I have encoded there previously. In another post, I read that in the 3D BIM demo the viewer is able to highlight individual elements because there is some kind of internal id per feature generated during the tileset creation process (that user refers to FME Desktop software to generate the tileset from an IFC file).

Therefore the point is: how can I send my 3d model to the tiler to be able to highlight single elements? I can:

  1. Send a single glTF file containing the whole model.
  2. Send a single glTF file per element of the model.
  3. Do a different thing I don’t know :wink:

As this is a model from a BIM project, all the elements are related to the same origin. Basically, I want to know what is required to reproduce 3D BIM model demo behavior.

I wrote yesterday to cesium sales departament because I’m trying to find out if I can use cesium technologies to reimplement our 3d bim project viewer stack.