3d model to 3d tiles

How to embed 3d model to 3d tileset?

Hi @helloworld,

Thank you for your question! I am not sure exactly what you mean by embed? Could you please provide a little bit more context?


or conversation of 3d model to 3d tileset sir

from glb, gltf, obj models to 3d tileset (b3dm) format for its data ang tileset.json

hoping for your immediate response, highly appreciated :heart:


I think the quickest solution would be to use Cesium ion (if you aren’t already). I recommend reading through the following page, which provides an overview of our tiler data types and formats.

For instance, we see that you can upload a glTF model to Cesium ion and stream it into CesiumJS as 3D Tiles. Let me know if you have any other questions.