How simulate WebGL rendering crash

Hi all!

Sometimes in my web application a rendering error happens, it is quite randomic and i need to catch it to properly manage it.

I am wondering if exists a call to deliberately crash the WebGL in order to create a real “Runtime error” and see if it is correclty managed by my code.

I tryed some codes but nothing seems to work!

Any idea?

I have to write a code to recreate something like that :


Thank you!

I meet the same problem too.It happened in chrome with old version,but won't happen in firefox.

See my answer here about preventing these errors from popping up:

Usually when you get an error like that, it means Cesium has caught it and is displaying this message to you. If you’re using the unminified Cesium source you could see what line is throwing that error that’ll give you a clue why it’s happening.