crash of chrome

is there any solution to avoid chrom crash during rendering HelloWorld example?


Do you have any more info? Are your video card drivers up to date? Are you running the latest version of Chrome?


thank you for

for my request, both of them are updated, but with no result until now
each time I render the example my computer becom very slow and all of sudden my chrom crashs :frowning:

Sounds like Chrome might be falling back to software rendering. Do any other intense WebGL apps work? What OS and GPU do you have? I’m not sure there’s much we can do here.


thank you for replying

well I used to work with readyMap (it’s webgl 3d maps rendering) with no problem
here I wanna use cesium 'cos it’s more sophisticated and it fullfils my needs but unfortunately you know :slight_smile: i Have this problem
For my OS I’m working on Windows 7 prof
my computer is Dell core2duo with 2Go memory

best regards

Windows 7 is OK. Have you tried Firefox?



oh… It works perfectly :slight_smile: it’s a litle bit slow but fine it works
may be something wrong with myt chrome :smiley:
thank you