how to add 3D city model?

I convert the dae model into json format ,and use follow code to load models,chrom seems broken when i loaded about 30 models,my system Memory overflow ,how to load Massive Model? , my code is here :

var model = scene.primitives.add(Cesium.Model.fromGltf({

url : url,

scale : 0.01,

modelMatrix : modelMatrix


We have not optimized Cesium for a large number of glTF models so, for example, if you load two models that use the same image, the image is stored in memory twice. Optimizing this is on the models roadmap (#927). However, for cities we plan to do custom rendering along with a server that tiles up city geometry very similar to how Cesium renders terrain.

In the meantime, you could try just loading the most relevant city models, e.g., closest to the viewer, user selected, etc.


thank you for your quick replay and thank you for you can understand my poor english, i will look foreword to b27 release that can support massive 3D city models,

在 2014年3月14日星期五UTC+8下午2时24分40秒,FKAss写道:

Just to clarify, b27 will not support massive city models. This is something we have planned, but not something we have a firm date for.


What type of file format would be the most appropriate to visualize large scale city models in Cesium: glTF, CZML or KML format?

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If you want to use an official Cesium release, CZML is currently you’re best bet; but if you already have data in KML format, then using the kml branch should provide good results.