How to load city on Cesium

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to load a city with Cesium but i cant find the proper way to do it.

First a try loading KML files, but adding terrain is not compatible while using kml.

Then i try to use either gltf/glb format or 3D tiles, but i found some problems:

  - The original dataset is on CityGML format. I used the 3Dcity-importer-exporter tool to generate GLTf files (one per building). How can i load all of the files together?

  - Other option is to use the Binary-gltf-utils tool in order to obtain .glb files from the .gltf and then use 3d-tiles-tools to convert these new files into .b3dm, but the problem here is that the tileset.json file is not generated. How can this be done?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

We are working on a CityGML to 3D Tiles converter that produces b3dms and a tileset.json. If you don’t mind sending me your data one of us could try converting it for you.

I’m not aware of any free/open source for this type of conversion.

Hi Sean,

Here you can download a .zip file (25 mb; 100mb when unzziped) which contains around 6000~7000 gltf files.


Hey David, could you also send the CityGML files?