Is it possible to load .GML file on Cesium Instead of loading in cesium ion cloud

Is it possible to load .gml file in cesium. I tried like this I got some error.
OR Is it the only way in cesium for adding .gml file in cesium ion cloud.

var entity = map.entities.add({
		model: {
					uri: city.gml,
					heightReference: heightRef,
					scale: icon_scale,
					shadows: Cesium.ShadowMode.ENABLED,		

The answer depends on what your GML file is and contains - is it basic GML or CityGML?

GML files are not directly supported in CesiumJS. You can try to convert it into a GeoJSON or KML, which can them be loaded.

You can also upload CityGML (not regular GML) files to Cesium ion. Those will be tiled into 3D Tiles and can be streamed into CesiumJS. See 3D Buildings – Cesium.

Thanks for your replay @Shehzan_Mohammed. It’s clear, actually I am going to load the .gml file directly.